by: Victoria Frosini, MS, CPT

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She earned her Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2013, where she conducted extensive research in weight loss, social support and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Why Refresh is Better Than Resolve

As the calendar date changes to January, we hear others around us setting lofty goals to attain “better health, amp up fitness goals, and loose the last 10 lbs.”  The ritual of making goals and resolutions can feel dated, and most of us know sticking to a brand new plan (whether diet or exercise related) is extremely challenging even for those craving change. We want to set you up for success and help you avoid feelings of disappointment if a goal doesn’t go quite as planned.

WeCollab is encouraging you to forget about making seasonal resolutions (insert: swimsuit season, new years weight loss plans, class reunions etc). Instead, we want you to reframe your psyche to add intention, joy, mindful eating and movement to your life. It is a new year, and this is an opportunity to become the BEST version of YOU. Instead of starting over with a blank slate, recognize your past accomplishments, reflect on your struggles, and choose the refresh over resolve button.

Here’s our simple guide to feeling refreshed:

Journal a new intention

Shifting mental focus can lead to improved motivation and creativity. Paper and pen journaling or jotting down notes in your smartphone solidifies your commitment to a new idea or plan. In the upcoming weeks, take the initiative to set time aside to write down your thoughts, feelings, intentions, purpose, and positive affirmations. Try something outside of your comfort zone ( i.e.  a new recipe, yoga workshop) after doing so, write about it. How did it make you feel? Make time to prioritize your needs and desires. Remember, we believe self-care is the best expression of self-love.

Enlist your squad

Reach out to family, friends, and qualified professionals! The more support you have, the easier it is to make lasting positive additions to your life. In the upcoming weeks and months call a friend to try a new activity, meal prep with your kids, join an exercise class, even get outside in the cold months with friends. Hello ski slopes and snowshoeing! The camaraderie and accountability of having a supportive network can have a lasting effect on your ability to make room for positive additions and continue them throughout the year.

Playlist like it’s your job

The Journal of Positive Psychology suggests that listening to just twelve minutes of music can have a significant impact on overall happiness and mood.  In the winter months, develop a new playlist to set the tone for a task you wish to accomplish. Looking to increase productivity at work? Try soft indie rock, classical music or jazz. Need a jolt of energy to pump up your training sessions?  Listen to upbeat EDM, rock, pop or hip-hop before, during, and after training sessions and pay close attention to how your body responds to the auxiliary stimulus.

Honor your meals

This food practice is simple and effective. Respect the ritual of preparing and sharing a meal. Cook and experiment with healthy recipes, set the table, pour beverages into glassware, light candles, and have meaningful conversations with loved ones. The more consideration you give to meals, the healthier your relationship becomes with food.

Ask for help

If you need help setting attainable goals feel free to reach out to us! Sometimes simply sharing your thoughts, experiences, obstacles and concerns can lead to personal growth and development. We’re here to help.



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